"The lightroomdude"

I'm Nick Tsakiris, "The Lightroom Dude". I was born in Galveston, TX and yes, I love the saying "dude" or if your female "dudette" works too. I love life, the love of my life (my way better half), my kids (the Brady bunch), people in general, traveling, teaching and having fun no matter what! Doing what you love is one of the most important things to me. I have always been a creative and a technical minded person which has allowed me to do much more than I ever imagined. Since 2006, (9 years ago) I have taken on photography and in 2008, (7 years ago) teaching as part of who I am as a person and what I love to do. Photography and creating has given me a view into the lives and surroundings of people and subjects I shoot. By timing a moment and then literally stopping that one moment in time that will live in that image forever. I found that my artistic side kicks in after the image is captured giving me the freedom to add, create and deliver something beyond the everyday norm. My style of photography and editing skills have grown into a wide spectrum over the years and I hope to help others grow in their skills and abilities.


Adobe Lightroom allows for the ultimate organization, creation and editing of images for anyone using it. It is not a replacement for Adobe Photoshop but 90% of your workflow, editing and creating can be accomplished by using it.


Adobe Photoshop is the must have software for editing, creating and designing to your creative abilities. Once you have used Adobe Lightroom to its ability then Adobe Photoshop takes over allowing a deeper level if editing and designing.






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